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Reader Discussion – What Would You Like to See Games Journalists Do Better?

We don’t often talk about industry topics here at OnlySP simply because 99% of our focus is on games, games and you guessed it, more games. It’s not that we’re afraid to talk about these topics, but you come here for game’s coverage, and we’d rather cover that than the latest drama in the industry.

However, since these articles are focused on generating discussion and not pushing our own opinions on to you, I think it’s more appropriate to talk about some industry subjects here. So, this week I’d like to discuss games journalism. I recently posed this very question on Twitter which got some good responses, but I’d like to hear more of you chime in on the subject. Just make sure you’re respectful and creating a discussion, otherwise your comment will be immediately removed.

I’m not going to post my own opinion on the topic in the actual post today, simply because I want to hear what you have to say. I’m not really asking you, “what could OnlySP do better as games journalists” specifically, I’m asking about the industry in general, but feel free to critique us or gives us a compliment cause we always love hearing those 😉

So, what are things that you’d like to see games journalists do better in terms of ethics, writing, reporting, media, whatever. Just let us know your thoughts in the comments section and we’ll be right here with you to take part in the discussion.


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