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VOID Interactive Planning Ready or Not DLC “in the Vein of Old PC Expansions”

Ready or Not, the upcoming first-person tactical shooter by VOID Interactive, will be experimenting with additional content “in the vein of old PC expansions.”

In a tweet from VOID Interactive’s official Twitter account, these expansions will “bring a heap of content and a new angle to the game,” implying that this expansion will alter the underlying design and mechanics in a fundamental way.

The game, which looks to be a single-player answer to Rainbow Six: Siege, gives off a distinctly old school aesthetic, but to see this flirtation with older appearances move to business decisions is particularly interesting.

Expansions were never met with the same degree of derision from the gaming community when compared with modern practices such as DLC and extensive patches.

Whether this will merely be an expansion in namesake alone or an actual attempt to re-focus the principles of additional content in gaming remains to be seen, but VOID Interactive’s promise is yet another reason to be excited for Ready or Not.

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