Rebel Galaxy Outlaw will introduce a new flying mechanic during combat that makes the process much more accessible to new players.

Both flight and space simulators have been fairly tricky to grasp for some gamers in the past. The often jarring switch to inverted controls or the lack of proper joystick control can sometimes leave players at a loss. While in-atmosphere flying is very much a norm for some gamers at this point, outer space is an entirely different ballpark. Due to the three-dimensional way of moving, without the effects of gravity, getting a bit lost or turned around in the depths of space can be easy.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw players need not fret, however, as the game introduces an auto pursuit function. Double Damage’s co-founder, Travis Baldree, explained to OnlySP in an exclusive interview that the auto pursuit mechanic will allow players to perform a soft lock on enemy vehicles.

Baldree elaborated on the inaccessibility of some space sims stating that: “It’s historically a big problem for accessibility. Our solution is the Autopursuit trigger (or button, if you’re on a mouse). Holding it down assists you in tracking your target and managing your throttle, while still allowing you to fly. Think of it like tethering yourself to a target. We think it makes the game a lot more fun, and a lot more approachable.”

While the inclusion of an automatic following feature sounds slightly like cheating, the lock-on does not follow the target precisely and merely guides the screen in a particular direction. Players will still need to aim and fire at enemies using their own skills and precision. The mechanic can also be entirely switched off for those hardcore flying aces that like a bit of a challenge.

Stay tuned for the full interview with Travis Baldree as we cover ship customisation, story, and more. For more single-player gaming news, be sure to follow OnlySP on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube, or join the discussion in our community Discord server.

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