Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Few words can describe how impressive the ship customisation is in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, but one that springs to mind is magical.

As an intergalactic RPG, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw allows players to live out the space fantasy as pilot exploring and blasting their way through the cosmos. Even without the customisation, the game promises terrific flight simulation gameplay compiled into a rich environment. Players can pick and choose their favourite flying style from a range of slow but well-armoured ships to agile yet more fragile ones.

Those artistic members of the gaming community will be overjoyed at the scope of the ship customisation within Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. Not only can gamers create custom paint jobs in a Photoshop-like editing suite, but the level of detail is so in-depth that the development team has painted Harry Potter onto one of their ships.

In the video showcasing the wizard paint job, the footage looks as though it is taken from a professional editing software rather than an in-game menu. As amazing as the customisation feature is, one can only assume the levels of profane absurdities that the community will eventually create.

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Richard Flint
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