I know, I know, we said we’re closing. We are, but until we do we’ll provide you with some more coverage of some interesting titles we’ve introduced you to before.

Last year we introduced you to a new open world parkour game called Downward. Following our extensive interview with the developers they launched a Kickstarter for the game which ended prematurely so the developers could continue developing the game. After that, the developers went dark for over a year, but it seems they’re just about ready to re-reveal the game to the world as they’ve updated their Twitter page and official website with a new logo and screenshots.

You can check out the new screenshots just below. You can probably assume a new trailer is on the way as well, so stay tuned for that on our Twitter page in case we cease operations before the trailer launches.

The information in our interview could be out of date if Caracal made some major updates to the game, so just keep that in mind if you decide to go back and read it.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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