OnlySP recently acquired a copy of the Resident Evil 2 Collector’s Edition, and we want to show you what is inside!

Alongside a copy of the game, the Collector’s Edition comes with the digital soundtrack, an artbook, some blueprints, and a 12-inch statue of Leon S. Kennedy, all inside stunning R.P.D. box packaging.

OnlySP’s Daniel Pereira recorded an unboxing video of the Collector’s Edition, demonstrating all of the merchandise available in the set.

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Daniel Pereira
A Canadian, eh? Daniel fell in love with video game’s media at a young age, often visiting message boards for walkthroughs and opinionated reviews. It has been his dream to come full circle and contribute to the industry that helped him over the years. As a University graduate he promises to maintain integrity and honesty in his writing. Some of his favourite games include Conker’s Bad Fur Day, The Witcher 3, Catherine, and Bloodborne.

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