Resident Evil 2

Capcom recently released a new DLC for its Resident Evil 2 remake which unlocks all of the content and extras players would otherwise need to complete achievements for.

The content unlocked by purchasing the ‘All In-game Rewards Unlock’ DLC can be obtained through actions such as beating the game on Hardcore difficulty with “A” or “S” grades.

Here is everything that you will get for purchasing this new DLC, per the official Steam store page:

  • Extra “The 4th Survivor”
  • Extra “The Tofu Survivor”
  • Costume
  • ∞ Bonus Weapon
  • Model
  • Concept Art

“The 4th Survivor” extra unlocks HUNK as a playable character, and “The Tofu Survivor” is a parody mode that unlocks a Tofu model for each character.

As far as the bonus weapons go, you will get the unbreakable combat knife, the Samurai Edge handgun with infinite ammo, the LE-5 submachine gun with infinite ammo, the ATM-4 rocket launcher with infinite ammo, and the minigun with infinite ammo.

This DLC costs USD$4.99 and can be purchased on Steam, the PlayStation Store, and the Microsoft Store.

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Craig Snyder
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