Resident Evil 6 has been viewed by many as a rather poor effort on the part of Capcom for any number of reasons. The company recently showed that they have been listening to the consensus with the announcement of a title update, though it seems to fail to address many of the issues that critics found with the game. With most of them saying that it was fundamentally flawed and counter to the heritage of Resident Evil, that shouldn’t come as a surprise; it would require complete redevelopment of the game to redeem it at this point. But enough doom and gloom. Perhaps the changes that will be made available in mid-December (for free, no less) will make the game more attractive to some.

Firstly, the subtitle options have been improved so that you can have them display in a language other than English when the English audio track is running. A bit random, but it will be beneficial for some, no doubt. Next, a new difficulty level will be added. Called ‘No Hope’, it is designed for players who are looking for an extreme challenge. Thirdly, Ada Wong’s campaign will soon be playable from the start, rather than having to play through the other three campaigns before becoming available. There will also be the option of a player-controlled co-op partner. Finally, and most significantly, players will soon be able to select the range of the camera to increase field of view to suit their preferences. See the comparison screenshots embedded below for comparison between maximum and minimum range.

So, do these changes pique your interest, or will it take something more drastic? Alternately, if you have already played Resident Evil 6, or are currently in the process of doing so, do you feel that these changes will serve to improve it?

Damien Lawardorn
Damien Lawardorn is an aspiring novelist, journalist, and essayist. His goal in writing is to inspire readers to engage and think, rather than simply consume and enjoy. With broad interests ranging from literature and video games to fringe science and social movements, his work tends to touch on the unexpected. Damien is the former Editor-in-Chief of OnlySP. More of his work can be found at

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