Round Table Games Studio has recently restarted development on its 1920s-set narrative adventure, Deal With The Devil, following an amicable split with its erstwhile publishing partner, Antimatter Games.

Speaking to Gameumentary, the project’s lead developer, Rich Barham, said that Antimatter Games’s deep involvement in the creation of another game led to the decision to end the contract and instead “concentrate on the game in-house rather than in-partnership”. That separation took place in early 2016, and since then Round Table Games Studio has scrapped almost all of the work that had been done prior.

Although these have caused major setbacks, with Deal With The Devil pushed back almost a full year to a targeted release window of late 2017, Barham says that the team made the right choice, as the new iteration of the title is better than the original. Not only has the team focused on improving the visuals, but a new script was prepared by an all-female writer’s room to ensure that the protagonist, Amelia, is believable as a woman in that tumultuous time period.

Despite these changes, the game retains the fundamental gameplay elements of its initial incarnation, with a heavy focus on narrative, exploration, environmental puzzles, and character interactions. The gameplay will be grounded in realistic human behaviours, ensuring that Amelia remains a somewhat relatable character throughout the course of the adventure. Players, however, will be presented with various moral choices with consequences that will alter the story.

Of the many games that claim to draw inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft, Deal With The Devil claims to be one of those that most fully engages with the creeping sense of dread with which the seminal weird fiction writer imbued his works, rather than relying on visual horror and jump scares, but whether those goals can be achieved remains to be seen.

More details about the game can be found in this interview that OnlySP conducted with the developers last year.

Deal With The Devil is currently without a set release date.

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