Retro Highway gameplay

The upcoming indie game Retro Highway looks to bring pixel art and motorcycle gameplay to the modern runner genre.

The latest gameplay footage shared by developer Constantine Berg features the Moon level, where players jump over cars while speeding past moon bases with Earth looming in the background. Previous levels shown include Candy Land, which uses magic beans as a nasty gameplay enhancement, and a fast-paced city environment.

The gameplay has been developed as a mix of old and modern runners, where the goal is to beat the highest score by driving recklessly for as long as possible to collect coins and extra boosts. Coins are collected to unlock bikes and upgrades. Some interesting gameplay features include use of the player’s dead body of a past run as a “tiny, sadistic springboard” when beating their high score, as well as the ability to compete against a representation of a previous run.

Development of Retro Highway began in 2015 by Berg and “NicolaiGD”, with the retro soundtrack provided by Mikhail “Rubel” Rublyov. Berg has cited the arcade game Out Run (1986) and the classic Road Rash series as particular gameplay influences. The game will be released on iOS and Android, with the potential of a “bigger, less casual” PC release depending on the performance of the mobile version.

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This article has been updated with corrections from the developer.

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