robotoki_logoFormer Infinity Ward Creative Strategist Robert Bowling is still in the video game industry with a relatively new studio: Robotoki. He created the studio to continue his gaming career and make games which was his true passion.

Bowling had quit Infinity Ward after a ton of hateful comments, mail, and even death threats came from some of hot headed Call of Duty players out there that just wanted to take their anger out on someone.

Robotoki has a game coming out for the next generation consoles already; announcing it shortly after the studio being formed.  With the studio hard at work on Human Element and growing everyday, Bowling installed a panic alarm to protect his employees. Unfortunately, it was accidentally pressed the other day and prompted a raid by the LAPD. A statue of “Ghost” from Modern Warfare 2 stands in the office and was almost taken down because it was mistaken for a threat.

Robert Bowling

Robert Bowling

The raid was over after detaining Bowling and finding out that the panic button was pressed on accident. The police then started talking about games with the studio head and proceeded to play games on the NES with Bowling until they went back to the station.

Quite a bit of excitement for a day at the office, eh?

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