Rumor: Far Cry 4 Coming Q1 2014


The Neogaf user who leaked the news about a few upcoming Ubisoft titles such as Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, Rayman Origins on Vita and Ubisoft’s upcoming next-gen racer called The Crew, has let loose some more details on other Ubisoft projects.

According to the user kaysee, Ubisoft is currently working on Far Cry HD, which was recently listed on rating boards in Brazil, but is also currently working on Far Cry 4, which is targeting a Q1 2014 release.

What i did say about ubi and AC was that the next title was ( and this was before anything leaked)black flag or golden age. Edward haytham was the main character. Would have co op and captain kidd would make an appearance. I also said that rayman legends and r6 patriots ( not ghost recon) would come to vita.

What i meant regarding to vita was that liberation was coming to psn/xbla.

And here is some new info. Black flag is being developed by 11 ubisoft studios. The next title in the franchisee is code named unity. Far cry 1 hd is coming soon. Far cry 4 is targeting q1 2014 release an ubi have a new nexgen ip in the works titled the crew.


We take most rumors here with a grain of salt at OnlySP, but considering this user has hit the nail on the head numerous times, our ears are open. Ubisoft has some next-gen projects to be revealed at E3. We assume Rainbow 6 Patriots and The Crew are part of that list, but maybe we’ll get a small tease of Far Cry 4 as well. After the success of Far Cry 3, I can’t see Ubisoft waiting much longer to get another title in the franchise out the door.

Stay tuned for more news on these rumors as they develop over the next few weeks.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Well, Ubisoft is a quality game developer/publisher. I would go so far as to say that Ubisoft is the best publisher in terms of quality games released, followed by EA. A lot of people hate on EA, but they release a lot of quality titles, just like Ubisoft.

    1. Ubisoft develop games, EA only publish them. And by the way, EA sucks. All the games they publish would be much better if EA actually gave the developers enough time to finish them.

      EA is officially the worst company in America and if they didn’t have all the money they actually have, they wouldn’t even exist.

      1. Internet hate much? Ubisoft is a publisher as well as a developer. I don’t know how much 3rd party games they make (if any), but at the very least they publish their own games. And EA was voted the worst company by the INTERNET in a POLL. I cannot even begin to explain how unreliable that is, not to mention BofA, the company that basically caused the economic collapse, was beat by EA. That is THE DEFINITION of stupidity. Go have fun being an internet whore, no one cares.

        1. If no one cares, why are you replying to me?

          Tried being constructive here, but you are obviously angry for some reason. Calm down and get a life. It’s fun! ;)

  2. DINOSAURS!! Please

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