I absolutely hate reporting on rumors, and believe me, the community as of late has been great at debunking almost every single one we’ve found, but I certainly looked around a lot this time before posting this one, so hopefully we’re on the right track. Recently on the Call of Duty forums, a user was scrounging around the Official Call of Duty website looking for anything they could find on the next Call of Duty when they apparently found a splash page on the site with a logo and a countdown. The picture was found on April 11th according to the poster, and just a little while later after posting the images etc, the page has since been taken down. Obviously.

The pictures taken show a logo that may be the next Call of Duty game titled, Dark Skyline. It’s quite the ominous title, but interesting none the less. You can see the pictures of the site just below. While many of you may scream photoshop, one thing to note is the time on the pictures. There clearly seems to be a countdown timer running while the user took the pictures, which we’ve put in order by the links they posted. I even tried to match up the Call of Duty title with other titles in the series, with the original Black Ops logo coming the closest to matching it, but didn’t. Please debunk this if you can. Checkout the images below.

As with all rumors we’re just passing on the information as we find it, so take this all with a grain of salt. The reveal date set within the countdown however clearly follows Activision’s trend of revealing Call of Duty games. Black Ops 2 was revealed on May 1st as well. Kotaku reported on the game being revealed just a week before last year, on April 22nd  as you can see here. Coincidence? Who knows.

What is questionable is why the forums user wouldn’t just take screenshots of the page. It would add to the possibility that it was clearly a photoshop scheme, but I suppose in the heat of the moment the user probably didn’t even think about taking screenshots and just grabbed whatever he could to capture the page.

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  1. I still like CoD: Ghost better…

  2. гавно а не игра

  3. Согласен, полная хуйня


  5. fake

  6. I would think if it was faked, they could come up with something better than Dark Skyline? That title would make mean lean to it being real because it sucks. It makes me think of Falling Skies and aliens. Maybe they are trying something crazy instead of another “prevent WW3” story. I don’t mind a modern setting, just not the same old thing over again. I always thought a COD based around police and SWAT could be good. As I’m typing that the Dark Skyline and blue now make sense when paired with a police and city theme. Or maybe its just all fake. Either way, I’m ready to started being teased with info.

  7. At the bottom of one of the screenshot it says “Tweet 6652, G+1 4k, Share 36.8k”. Is there any way to verify this. That will prove whether this is a fake. Also, the domain darkskyline is not yet registered. I thought Activision will be careful to register in advance, after what happened with MW3!

  8. Hi Nick, I can confirm this is a fake.
    The tweet count is incorrect. To verify the tweet count you have to type this in the address bar and open the resulting text file. The count field gives you the total number of times the link has been tweeted. In this case it is ZERO.
    Just to prove this point, if you try, you will get a count of 5!

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    nonsense.. we were not going to change names… Officially declare, as
    the representative of the company Sledgehammer games, it is a lie..
    Until the secrets will not disclose, but the poster of a typical

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