Coincidental, isn’t it? That we literally just talked about Project Gotham Racing a few days ago in our Three Franchises that Need to be Revived article? Anyways, online lurkers have discovered that Lucid Games, which was formed by the remnants of now defunct Bizzare Creations and ex-Criterion employees are currently working on an unannounced project for the next Xbox.

Upon visiting Lucid Games’ website, you will find the featured picture in the article, which according to VG247 strongly suggests that the next Xbox will be arriving this year. Surprised right? The picture is titled, Skylight, so we’re aren’t exactly sure what that could be referring to.

However, not all of this information adds up. While some of the key members who worked at Bizzare before their studio closed list an unannounced project, this is more than likely Blur 2 as the recent leaks suggest. Mark Craig, the founder of Lucid Games describes the company as “working on games that will move you emotionally in ways that maybe games shouldn’t.” Doesn’t exactly sound like a racing game to me.

Keep an eye out for more details as they appear online. We’d be more than happy for another PGR game if this rumor proves to be true.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Can’t help but point out that that’s not ironic, but coincidental…

    1. True, haha, that’s what I get for waking up at 6 in the morning to cover this.

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