Update: Sony have now revealed the Playstation Vita Slim and it’s followed the footsteps of past Playstation Portables devices as its now lighter and thinner.

The “Vita 2000” was originally released last September in Japan but is finally making its way to the rest of the world and it’ll cost you roughly £180.

Vita Slim is 15% lighter, 20% thinner, 1GB onboard memory and comes with a new LED screen instead of the Vita’s original OLED which will help increase the handhelds battery life by around 1 hour.

Original story: We’ve been hearing rumours about Sony releasing a slim edition of its Playstation Vita handheld device and it finally looks like it may actually be happening thanks to UK online retailer ShopTo.

The entertainment online store released an advert earlier in the day which has now been pulled. The slim device will apparently be available to pre-order as of January 30th, the same day that Sony are hosting an event in London. AllGamesBeta managed to grab a picture of the advert.

vitaslim advert

You’ll always need to take this information with a pinch of salt until an official announcement comes from the Playstation department but the company’s history would lead you to believe that the Vita will receive several new editions (similar to what the original Playstation Portable did).

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