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Rumor: Quantic Dream Working On Two Other AAA Games



Remember Heavy Rain?  Remember the incredible story?  The tension?  Quantic Dream’s set quite the standard for interactive storytelling, and now with the announcement of Beyond: Two Souls at E3, it looks like we’re in for another fantastic ride.

But that’s not all!  According to Quantic Dream concept artist Florian Salomez’s LinkedIn resume, there’s work being done on not just Beyond: Two Souls, but two other unidentified games!  Could these two concept pieces be at all related to the domain’s that were registered by Quantic Dream last year? Rumors were circulating around the time of the domains’ registration that Cage might be working on some sort of military drama, which would be welcomed in a game industry full of mindless shooters. Only time will tell if these rumors are true.

Only time will tell.  Be sure to check back daily on OnlySP for any and all updates on this developing story!

[Source: Gematsu]


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RUMOR: Xbox One S All Digital Images, Release Details Leak Ahead of Official Unveiling



xbox one s all digital

Images of a discless Xbox One S have leaked online, confirming rumors from last year. revealed the pictures it acquired yesterday, as well the name Xbox One S All Digital, prices, and a launch date. Check out the pictures down below.

The console would allow users who are less oriented in the physical media space to take advantage of an all-digital device.

Some of the speculation regarding all-digital hardware pictures a cheaper, maybe even smaller model. However, yesterday’s leak suggests that, while the Xbox One S All Digital may come bundled with games, the price will stick at around USD$250 with no real change in physical appearance.

The only visual difference between the Xbox One S and the Xbox One S All Digital is the lack of a disc drive. Otherwise, the two slimmed down pieces of hardware are visually identical.

As well as a look at the console, the website says that an official reveal will come April 16 with a release following on May 7.

The pictures uncovered do not come from an official source, so holding off believing everything here is for the best. That said, a device such as this makes sense for Microsoft considering the Xbox Game Pass and the inevitability of a more digitally-inclined market.

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