Rumor: Secret Ubisoft IP Uncovered, Osiris, Set in Egypt and From the Makers of Assassin’s Creed



It looks like Ubisoft Montreal’s next IP is codenamed “Osiris”, judging from this rough cut-demo video commissioned last year. The video, posted by Vimeo user Mark Kilian, reveals that there will be a hero, a rebelling crowd, and some interesting chanting. Included is some of the concept art which has been previously leaked online, originally believed to be from a new Prince Of Persia title. Other than that, the mo-cap session does not reveal very much about the new IP at all.

Sources suggests this IP, apparently set in Egypt, is entirely new and not related to Prince Of Persia.

Video below.

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  1. Oh fucking great, we play as a nigger.

    1. I really hope you’re joking.

  2. God of War font looks to be used… could be wrong. Obviously not GOW, but unoriginal. We will see lol.

    1. alot of prelim work will feature materials that fit the context of the work/world as placeholders for final assets. Early movie cuts use other movie scores to get the same sense and atmosphere because the actual score hasn’t been recorded yet.

  3. I really love the Egypt world and universe and if the Ubisoft formula holds true (amazing/groundbreaking first entry, lackluster sequels), this game will be great and I’ll ignore all the sequels!

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