Mafia IV

A recent leak suggests that Mafia IV is well into development, with a potential 2021 release date.

Posted on Reddit by user TheTruthTeller1985, the leak claims to be backed by two ex-developers of the project and a journalist. However, the user appears to have no previous background as a credible source, so their assertions should be considered as a rumour for the time being.

According to the leak, Hangar 13 began prototyping for Mafia IV once all DLC was released for Mafia III, but cancelled the project in favour of an original IP. Furthermore, a small team was established in Brighton, UK to revisit Mafia IV with promising results. The rest of Hangar 13 soon joined the project, leading to new trademark filings for Mafia earlier this year. 

The game is reportedly set in ’70s Las Vegas following the events of Mafia III and could feature a new protagonist from an Italian mob. The story may take place over the span of a decade, lacking the flashbacks and interviews featured in previous titles.

Further purported details include a larger map with more mission variety, possibly allowing players to tackle objectives with more freedom than the linear gameplay of Mafia III. This expanded gameplay would include an ambitious empire building system that could allow players to build, buy out, and expand casinos to increase the standing of the mob.

Outside of Mafia IV, the leak also suggests a remake of Mafia II could be coming soon, which if true, will be a complete overhaul using the Mafia IV engine. 

However, without further evidence, the leak remains unconfirmed and should be taken as a rumour until more information comes to light.

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