Hob Developer Runic Games Announces Closure

Runic Games

Runic Games, the development studio behind Hob and the Torchlight series, has announced that it is shutting down as of today.

Making the announcement on the company’s website, studio head Marsh Lefler thanked the community that helped make its three games into successes. Unfortunately, the brief post does not go into details of the events surrounding the decision. However, the possibility exists that the lengthy development of the team’s latest game, Hob, was more expensive than its undisclosed sales were able to recoup.

Whatever the reasons, the news comes as a shock, as Hob only released in September and earned a notable amount of praise as an enchanting exploration-based puzzle game. OnlySP’s Robin Brinkworth scored the game as a Credit in his review, saying that it is a “great game, bringing fun, challenging puzzles, tricky combat, and a beautiful world into one effective package.”

Meanwhile, Lefler’s statement takes pains to mention that although the studio is closing community and multiplayer services for its game will continue running, while further news about the Torchlight series is “coming.”

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