Samurai Shodown

SNK, the Japanese developer behind the King of Fighters series, has revealed that it turned down a deal for PC exclusivity for its upcoming title Samurai Shodown.

In an interview with Korean website Game Focus, SNK director Nobuyuki Kuroki noted that a PC retailer approached SNK to offer a deal regarding exclusivity for Samurai Shodown. He did not share the name of the company.

Kuroki elaborated on the reasoning behind his refusal, saying that the retailer wanted to sell Samurai Shodown on its PC platform with the condition of a pre-order of hundreds of thousands of copies in exchange for exclusivity, but declined as he believed that the game would be a title to sell more than a million copies. Kuroki also explained that he met with his reports and said, “I know that there is a big expectation from the outside as well as the company,” but he was “confident in the perfection of the game.”

Exclusivity deals have been causing disruption in the PC gaming community recently. Notably, the Epic Games Store has been snatching up exclusivity for games such as Metro Exodus, Borderlands 3, Close to The Sun, Phoenix Point, and most recently, Shenmue 3.

In another interview with Game Focus back in December 2018, SNK said that it had turned down offers from platform holders, insisting on releasing Samurai Shodown on all platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, so that everyone is aware about the revival of SNK. The company also said that it is having ongoing discussions to bring its games to mobile platforms.

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