Set 66 million years in the past, Saurian is an ambitious open-world survival game where you play out the life of a dinosaur from hatchling to adult. Currently on Kickstarter, Urvogel Games was looking for $55’000 in funding for Saurian but in just over a weeks time it has almost doubled that amount.

The game will have players put in the role of one of four dinosaurs immediately after they have hatched. Players will then have to survive by managing the dinosaurs’ stamina, thirst, and hunger while trying to survive in a harsh landscape filled with other predators. During the dinosaurs’ lifetime players will have to avoid being eaten by other animals, find a mate, and hunt down food.

Saurian will include four playable dinosaurs at launch, with new dinosaurs being implemented depending on the amount of funding received. These four dinosaurs are the Dakotaraptor, Pachycephalosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, and the Triceratops. Each dinosaur will have a unique set of skills that players will have to master to survive.

The game takes place 66 million years ago in an area of South Dakota called the Hell Creek Formation. This is a real location in North America that is primarily made up of clay, mudstone, and sandstone and is a well-known region for finding dinosaur fossils.

According to the developers, the goal is to create a game that merges up to date scientific knowledge and entertainment to create an engaging experience for both dinosaur enthusiasts and casual players. To achieve this, the developers have consulted with experts in the field.

Urvogel Games have been working on the project in their free time for over three years now but are looking for funding in order to help pay for the game’s budget and allow team members to dedicate more time to it. The funds that come from Kickstarter, according to developers, will go towards team salaries, concept art, software/hardware expenditures, reward fulfillment, and misc costs.

The developers plan on releasing the game on Steam Early Access but only when the game has all its final assets, one playable dinosaur, and working AI.

Saurian has a tentative release date of January 2017 and will be on PC and Mac, with home consoles possibly coming in the future.

You can check out some GIFs from Saurian below, and if you want to fund their Kickstarter, you can click here.



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