Scalebound Gameplay May be Coming Earlier Than You Think


Since the announcement of Scalebound at E3 back in 2014, information on the Xbox One exclusive has been pretty absent, but that may not be the case for much longer.

In an interview with Famitsu, Hideki Kamiya talked about Scalebound and the development status of the game. The game is currently in intensive development, but it’s still in its early stages according Kamiya. However, Kamiya also noted that he’s looking forward to showing off the game for the first time, “even if it’s early”.

From what we know, Scalebound is an action adventure game of some sorts and will include plenty of dragons which is always exciting to hear. What we don’t know is if the game will be a linear title in line with previous Platinum Games titles, or if it will be an open world game. Dynamic dragon fights anyone?

Based on how early the game is in development, I wouldn’t expect to see Scalebound released until mid 2016, but you never know nowadays when a game will be finished with development.

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Nick Calandra
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