Another big surprise today?

An Xbox gaming forum has apparently stumbled across some leaked screenshots of Just Cause 3 today, which seem to be from a very early build of the game if the textures and overall look of the game are any indication. You can checkout the screenshots just below.

Based on what we have here, there’s not really a whole lot to pick out other than the setting seems to be a bit more arid than the tropical landscape of Just Cause 2. Let us know what you think in the comments below and yes, we did notice there might be micro-transactions based on one of the screens.

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Nick Calandra
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  1. I have to say, I love the tropical landscape. I loved how colorful this game was, in comparison to the “realistic” approach games have been taking for a while now in triple-A. That said, ‘Just Cause 2’ also had different areas, from mountainous regions to desserts. So this does not necessarily mean the game map will be less beautiful or colorful than the previous one. This could just be one region. I hope so, because I love them pretty waters and beaches and all that lively scenery.

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