As part of its latest annual earnings report, Sega has hinted at the possible revival of some of its older IPs.

The report revealed that the company’s digital games business, which includes Ryu Ga Gotoku Online and SEGA Pocket Club Manager, fell “significantly below” target, while packaged game sales thrived due to an “[i]ncrease in overseas sales ratio for the IPs of Japan studios.”

As a result, Sega seems to be considering shifting its development focus from online games to packaged games, across both its Japanese and global studios. Curiously, this shift also seems to include reducing the level of outsourcing that currently takes place.

However, one of the more eye-catching details in the report comes in the section titled “Maximizing IP Values,” where the category “other idle IPs” is listed under “Revived IPs” alongside Sakura Wars and the Mega Drive Mini. No other details are revealed, but Sega has an array of dormant properties that could be ripe for revival, not least of which are Ecco the Dolphin, Shinobi, and Jet Set Radio.

New IP also seems to be a target for the future, but the report makes no hints of what they might look like.

For now, fans of the Japanese publisher have Total War: Three Kingdoms, Judgment, and Shenmue III to look forward to later this year.

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