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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Has No Character Creator, Soul Currency, Or RPG Systems

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is not an action RPG as per FromSoftware’s tradition, but an action adventure title that forgoes many of the developer’s characteristic gameplay systems.

Firstly, the project will have no character creator, classes, weapons, armour, or RPG stat systems of any kind. Instead, players will assume the role of a fixed protagonist with a limited array of tools and playstyles.

Most shockingly, Sekiro will have no souls currency or equivalent, which has been the central foundation for much of FromSoftware’s recent titles.

Yasuhiro Kitao, who is employed at the communication department of FromSoftware, described the title as “an action adventure game.” Sekiro certainly borrows heavily from the developer’s oevure, however, and is not a total outlier.

The combat system and protagonist’s prosthetic arm look like an extension of Bloodborne‘s gameplay and design sensibilities, hopefully meaning the relatively limited options in Sekiro‘s combat will be propped up by a densely layered system of play.

Whilst weapons and armour are notably absent, players can discover an assortment of gadgets in the world to use in conjunction with their katana, opening up new avenues for differing styles of combat. Gadgets can be paired with the katana similar to the trick weapon system in Bloodborne, with three additional weapons – an axe, shield, and torch – entering the player’s toolkit.

The project will also be absent of FromSoftware’s legendary online and multiplayer integration, with the samurai-inspired title committing to the lonely preferences of a wandering samurai.

More details are to be cascaded out as E3 moves along, so be sure to follow OnlySP on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube not to miss them.

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