Serious Sam 4 Will Be A Linear Shooter With Some Bizarre Vehicles

Serious Sam 4

Ahead of its expected appearance at E3 later this week, Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass has had a few key details revealed.

Speculation at the game’s announcement back in April suggested that it would be an open-world title, although the latest information drop proves those rumours untrue. While Planet Badass will feature large hubs filled with optional objectives and secrets, the developers have confirmed that it remains “a focused, linear experience.”

While clues about the story remain under wraps, the team has also revealed that players will have access to an array of vehicles, ranging from motorcycles to harvesters and popemobiles, that they can use to run down both enemies and hapless pedestrians. Additionally, NPCs will join the protagonist throughout the adventure. The developers have confirmed both online and local co-op as options, but not whether those will be standalone missions or campaign modes.

Although a release date has not yet been confirmed, Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass will be available on PC and thus far unnamed consoles later in 2018.

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