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Shadow of the Tomb Raider DLC Behind-the-Scenes Video Released



Shadow of the Tomb Raider 1

The second major DLC pack for Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be made available on December 18, and Eidos Montreal has released a behind the scenes video to mark the occasion.

Announced via the official Tomb Raider Twitter account, The Pillar is the second of seven planned downloadable content packs for the game. Eidos Montreal promises many more tombs, more story, and interesting new narrative side quests for players to tackle.

While hardly a flop, Shadow of the Tomb Raider has perhaps been a little overlooked since it launched. Knowing it would be up against the specter of franchise fatigue, Eidos Montreal leaned hard into the idea of evolving Lara as a character. In an interview with Venture Beat shortly after the release of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, senior brand director for Tomb Raider at Crystal Dynamics, Rich Briggs, detailed the studios’ thought process.

“But it really is, along that way — her darkest hour is about those times when she is coming close to becoming the monster that she’s fighting. The aspirational journey she has to go on is about deciding, ‘How do I push through this?’ That’s what makes it her defining moment — becoming the tomb raider she’s meant to be, which is one who is not like Trinity. She can’t say the ends justify the means. She can’t sacrifice her own humanity as she’s fighting against Trinity,” he explained.

“We thought that was an interesting way to show her character development. You know where she’s eventually getting, but how she actually got there is maybe a little different from you might expect.”

While the game was relatively well received critically, it failed to reach the same critical and commercial heights achieved by 2013’s Tomb Raider and its 2015 sequel Rise of the Tomb Raider. Reviewers and gamers took issue with the lack of evolution Shadow of the Tomb Raider‘s core gameplay, as well as a perceived misinterpretation by the studio of Lara’s personality and values.

Briggs addressed these perceptions in the very same interview, stating that the development team found importance in showing Lara pushing and crossing the line, before walking herself back.

“That was absolutely a conscious decision on the part of the narrative. Lara herself is descending. She’s getting closer to that line. Once she crosses that line too many times, it becomes difficult to pull back from it without losing a part of herself.”

Square Enix announced the availability of a free trial version of the game on December 6. The demo provides full access to the game’s opening levels, set in Mexico. The free trial is available on Steam, PlayStation Store, and Xbox Live, with progress, achievements, and trophies carrying over to the full game once unlocked.

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Bohemia Interactive Says ARMA 3 ‘Contact’ is an Idea It Has “Wanted to Explore for Years”



Arma 3 Contact gameplay screenshot 1

The project lead of ARMA 3 ‘Contact’, Joris-Jan van ‘t Land, has explained why Bohemia Interactive opted to focus on an alien invasion for the new spin-off expansion.

In an upcoming interview with OnlySP, van ‘t Land outlined the reasoning behind creating a new extra-terrestrial spin-off expansion for ARMA 3 instead of developing a brand new project like ARMA 4.

On the official ARMA 3 Contact announcement trailer page, fans of the ARMA franchise left comments which appears to indicate that public opinion is in favour of a whole new game. However, van ‘t Land explained that ‘Contact’ actually came into existence because the Amsterdam studio was specifically set up to flesh out new ideas and create new IPs within the ARMA series.

“‘Contact’ originated from our relatively small Amsterdam studio, a team which was formed to develop original ideas for Bohemia. That specifically meant doing less traditional projects, even if they were DLC or expansions to an existing game.”

“Initially ‘Contact’ was not even specified to be an ARMA 3 expansion. We considered even a stand-alone game, but ultimately the benefits of the expansion route were far too great.” He continued, “It meant we could make use of a massive sandbox, and ARMA 3 players would benefit from additions even if they do not care about the setting. Without ‘Contact’, there likely would not have been another official ARMA 3 DLC or expansion, aside from our Creator DLC program of course.

van ‘t Land also revealed that many in the ARMA 3 production team have been wanting to explore the alien sci-fi genre for years, but now they finally got a chance to develop their ideas.

“The ‘first contact’ premise is one many in our team have wanted to explore for years. Some know that during its pre-production stage, ARMA 3 itself had some less conventional elements under its ‘Futura’ codename. We had done our own experiments with the topic on the side for fun, but now pitched it as an actual project, and were fortunately given the chance.”

ARMA 3 Contact is set to be released on 25 July 2019 on PC. The full interview with van ‘t Land will be available tomorrow.

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