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Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s Main Story Rumoured To Last 13-15 Hours



Following the leaked details from Shadow of the Tomb Raider a few days ago on ResetEra, another thread has popped up littered with information including playtime, gameplay, the central villain, and the future of the series.

ResetEra user NeoRaider, who broke the last week’s news ahead of the game’s official unveiling , revealed more details regarding Shadow‘s story, which should last players around “13-15 hours without side missions.” This estimate is in line with previous titles in the rebooted Tomb Raider arc, though Rise of the Tomb Raider has substantially more side-content and open-design compared to the original reboot.

Playtime aside, thematically, the game will deal with the limitations and corrupting potential of vengeance, as Lara is (light spoilers ahead) “obsessed with the Trinity” and Jonah attempts to “lead Lara on the right path.” The game starts in Mexico and the central villain will be Doctor Dominguez.

In terms of gameplay, the rumours state that the developer, Eidos Montreal, will be revamping the tomb system to provide a more “classic” approach, whilst ramping up the difficulty for the entire game. Combat will be centred around stealth, extending on Rise‘s flirtation with covert gameplay. The combination of increased difficulty and a larger focus on stealth implies that open combat will be much more punishing compared to previous iterations.

The thread also details what may happen beyond Shadow, stating that “there will be more games,” although these will be absent of “the classic Lara,” instead opting for “independent adventures” within the universe. 

Further details can be found on the ResetEra thread, particularly NeoRaider’s posts. Shadow recently had a new CGI trailer, with last week’s leak revealing the bundles on offer, as well as artwork:

Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be available on September 14 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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Animal Farm Developer Talks Challenges of Adaptation



Animal Farm

While details of the upcoming Animal Farm game remain scant, one of the key developers, Imre Jele, has opened up about the process of adapting George Orwell’s classic text.

Jele took to the stage during University College London’s recent event ‘Rebel? Prophet? Relic? Perspectives on George Orwell in 2019’ to discuss the inspirations and challenges the team has faced. While no transcript of the talk is available, sources from the event took to Twitter to share some of Jele’s insights.

Perhaps most notable is the statement (via the event’s official Twitter page) that “We didn’t want Animal Farm in space—we just wanted Animal Farm, as it was in the text.” This desire separates the project from other adaptations such as Dante’s Inferno or American McGee’s Alice that take considerable liberties with their source material. At the same time, the political nature of the book means that the game should offer more than simple entertainment:

However, these goals are complicated by the fact that, according to Jele (via The Orwell Foundation) that the team is “constantly encountering the problem: at what point in the story would Orwell allow the the reader—the player—to make choices?”

Jele also discussed his own history with the book, which he first experienced as a child in Russian-occupied Hungary, and how it related to his family’s political opinions.

The game was first announced almost two years ago and described as an “adventure-tycoon” experience, though relatively few concrete details have yet been made available. At present, only a PC launch is confirmed with consoles a possibility, while no release window has been announced.

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