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With the start of April and the return of our exclusive interview series, we will now be introducing you to the games we are learning more about before we release the full interview.

These posts will give you the bare minimum information required to know what the game is and whose developing it. Hopefully these posts will help pique your interest a bit more in the games we’re covering before we douse you with a metric ton of information regarding the game. We’re starting off April by introducing you to a new title in development called, Shape of the World.

Shape of the World is a Microsoft-exclusive indie game by Black Tusk developer, Stuart Maxwell.

An experimental experience, best described as a “walking-sim”, Shape of the World plays with the feeling of getting lost, letting the player explore an evolving world that grows around them. The game is expected to come out in the Spring of 2016, but an official teaser was released at the end of January this year.

Look out for OnlySP’s in-depth interview with primary developer Stuart Maxwell on the 1st of April. (No foolin’)

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