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E3 2015

Shenmue III Kickstarter Hits $1 Million within 2 Hours



Shenmue III Kickstarter

After about two hours from launch, despite crashing Kickstarter, and with already more than 11,500 backers, Yu Suzuki’s Shenmue III Kickstarter campaign has reached $1 million in pledges and about half of its original $2 million goal. There are still more than 30 days to go in the life of this campaign and Suzuki’s team already has stretch goals in place.  Have a look at them below.

Shenmue III Stretch Goals

The basic pledge level is $5, but $29 will get you a digital copy of the game on PC or PS4. It will take $60 to get a special backer physical copy of the game, only available on the PC platform. In case you were thinking of really opening the wallet and grabbing those limited $10,000 pledge levels… don’t bother, as of this writing they have all been purchased. Something tells us that after 14 years waiting to be made, Shenmue III won’t have much trouble meeting these stretch goals. Keep checking back with us for more updates.

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E3 2015

Just Cause 3 E3 Playthrough and Choose Your Own Chaos Trailers Released Today



Nearly a month after its explosive presentation at E3, two new trailers for Just Cause 3 are helping to further ramp the hype and promotion for Rico Rodriguez’s new adventure this winter.

Square Enix today released two new trailers for Just Cause 3 via their press site. One is the part of the Alpha playthrough that was shown only at E3, titled “Official E3 Playthrough.” The other is a new interactive trailer entitled “Choose Your Own Chaos.”

For the unfamiliar, Just Cause 3 continues the story of Rico Rodriguez, who returns to his fictional Mediterranean homeland of the republic of Medici. This time, his fight is with General Di Ravello, a brutal dictator who has a stereotypically-insatiable thirst for power. The over 400-square miles of open-world map in the game will serve as the stage for Rico’s quest to bring Di Ravello down.

You can watch both trailers below.

Just Cause 3 is slated to launch on December 1, 2015 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and high-end Windows PC.

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