One Finger Death Punch 2 is a fast and frantic action-packed sequel, taking what the developers at Silver Dollar Games did not like about the first and everything it learned to make a new title the team can be proud of. At EGLX the team held a tournament with a $1000 prize for the high-scorer over the course of the weekend. To learn more about the game and the kung fu inspirations, check out OnlySP’s interview above with the project’s programmer Jonathan Flook.

The original was not up to the team’s standards but had to be shipped, such as the industry at times, and with many others trying to do their own version of a two button brawler the Flook brothers wanted to come back and make a new entry to beat all the others. By all means, they have done so in spades. Watching the game on the show floor at EGLX is captivating, even for those that would not play a game such as One Finger Death Punch 2, just seeing the fighting on screen was enough to get their attention for some time. Playing the game feels so responsive and exhilarating.

The team has added far more depth and complexity to a game that has two buttons than most would think can be done, with dodging and deflecting projectiles, using weapons, and brawlers that take many inputs, the game stays fresh and engaging. For instance dodging a ninja star, as impressive as that is, can throw off what is expected as the next person will die and now the player has to take that into consideration with the fight and to make sure they do not attack an already dead stickman.

The game has many tutorial stages and mission modes which make it great for players to sit down, learn, and kill a few minutes. The game also has many boss battles that have the player making correct inputs to make sure they dodge and counter the opponent. After killing bosses, brawlers, and many others, the player character will let off special techniques that can kill multiple enemies on screen or pop up giant artwork which livens up the game and adds more to the experience.

Silver Dollar Games is not trying to make the next big fighting game or brawler, rather something that people have fun with to kill time, “a palette cleanser between games,” but the team may be a little too humble here. The title is not easy but is quick to jump back in after losing, giving the same feel that many people faced with Flappy Bird as they try to do their best, which may have players lose many hours as they lose themselves in the competitiveness and kung fu visual flair-filled carnage of One Finger Death Punch 2.

At a low price point of “possible $8,” as Mr. Flook stated in the interview down below, the game would be a great purchase even just to try out its strangely addictive mechanics or compete with others, especially given the titles different game modes and the co-op mode.

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