VOID Interactive Reveals Single-Player AI Upgrades for Tactical FPS Ready or Not

Ready or Not

After nine months of silence, the development team at VOID Interactive has provided an update on its tactical FPS Ready or Not, paying particular attention to AI and gameplay.

Judging by the description of the new development blog, a central focus for VOID Interactive has been upgrading the AI to make it as dynamic and involving as possible. A key part of that is to ensure that the player’s four-person squad is able to react to changing stimuli realistically. To that end, the developers have ensured the AI is capable of using “realistic entry techniques [and] holding smart angles when waiting for commands,” as well as making arrests and collecting evidence.

Additionally, the squad will begin each mission in a stealth mode, meaning that the player’s AI teammates will keep quiet and avoid combat unless absolutely necessary. However, players will have the option of altering the rules of engagement at any time to have the team act aggressively.

The AI upgrades also apply to suspects, which will get up and try to defend themselves if not indisposed, and civilians, which will panic and try to exit the area at the outbreak of violence.

Meanwhile, VOID Interactive has adopted the philosophy that “‘less is more'” in terms of the GUI. As such, Ready or Not will do away with typical ammunition counters and instead require players to check the weight of the magazine to determine roughly how many bullets are available at any given time. Additionally, four different types of grenades will be included—”Flashbang, CS-Gas, Stingball, and the Nine-Bang”—each of which will have a different tactical use.

The full development blog goes into additional detail about the studio’s recent purchase of new scanning and motion capture hardware to allow for considerable improvements to the animation systems.

Ready or Not casts players a SWAT squad leader in charge of four AI companions across an array of claustrophobic, contemporary environments in a version of America that has descended into chaos. For more details on the game, OnlySP previously covered the game during its announcement last year.

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