Do you remember the good old times when each of us was holding a gaming console joystick close to heart? We enjoyed playing our favorite games all alone. Mario, Doom, Pac-Man now turned into the heart-warming memories. We could not wait for future when games will remind virtual 3D reality where we can meet and play with or against millions of excited users. Finally, this happened. All the popular MMOs, MMORPGs and RPGs do not let us feel lonely. We are always surrounded by dozens of strangers or friends. Game developers are slowly forgetting about single player games making them extinct.

Why is this happening?

The first reason is that cute social factor. The one that makes us check in on Facebook million times a day, check our emails on days off and grab our phones anytime we have a spare minute. How often do you see people without smartphones or tablets in their hands? There hardly is anyone who can live at least a day without communication. This is our nature and our everyday reality.

Here comes the second factor – it is cash. It is all about money. Crowd’s effect has strong influence on each of us. Developers admit that it is easy to make the players buy extra pre-paid content when they join multiplayer with the largest amount of users. Everyone wants to brag about his awesome armor or weapon, open up the new locations to probe he is cooler, faster, more skilled and more devoted than his friends are. This is what human nature is. Two of these factors make people donate cosmic sums of cash to boost the level of their virtual characters.

What do we have now?

If you still prefer playing single player games online and\or offline, the choice you have is not that wide. Here is the list of what you should try right now. The best one player games are:

  • Casino games. Slots, pokies, roulette, blackjack and whatever you can find online. Casino games are not only the time killers but also give you a nice opportunity to win some cash live. Browse the best Australian online casino list for the highest rates and enjoy.
  • Civilization 5. Veterans of gaming will never forget this epic game and keep returning to it year by year. It is definitely the most successful part. Despite the rather dull graphics – you will surely be stunned by the live plot, which changes drastically after every tiny step you take.
  • 200 years after the Oblivion you are the one to save the world from evil god’s son who is going to destroy the universe. A player faces dozens of quests he should complete to finish the mission.
  • Dead Space 1. An amazing Sci-fi conception referring to horror and shooter simulators. You should play for a young engineer who has a tuck in the giant spaceship and who is looking for a way out being eventually attacked by monsters. The game makes players drawn into the atmosphere of horror and anxiety. Your nerves should be made of steel if you want to play this game.

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