It’s been relatively quiet at OnlySP this week. We have reported some surprising news this week however and one major announcement took everyone by surprise. So let’s get started and find out what happened this week..

Surprise News & Announcements!

Both Microsoft and Nintendo have had big announcements this week. MS has changed the name of the XBLM to Xbox Games store and they have also dropped the Points currency for the Games Store. What do I think of this whole change? It’s a necessary move for MS to prepare for the Xbox One and set up categories of content for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The removal of MS Points currency is a good move but that’s coming from someone who has never owned an Xbox and just thinks that the MS Points conversion to Euro is confusing for me and I never get it right.

Moving on, Nintendo shocked and awed with the surprise announcement of the 2DS. I believe that Nintendo’s announcement IS a good idea. Let’s face it, not everyone has money to spend on consoles everyday. It makes sense to release a cheaper handheld that can play 3DS games without wasting money on the 3D gimmick that has frankly outlived its usefulness. Everyone I know that has a 3DS barely ever uses the 3D (unless to show someone how it works before promptly turning it off.) However, on the other side of the argument, I think that the 2DS should have been released early to get more attention. I know many who would have just opted to get a 2DS over a 3DS because they wanted the new Professor Layton but they gave in and just purchased a 3DS. The 2DS is a good idea and it’s good to see Nintendo allowing people “play more Nintendo games for a cheaper price.”

Finally, Grand Theft Auto V got a brand spanking new official trailer this week and I simply can’t wait any longer to play it. Also check out this article I did on the importance of 3 characters in the new game.

Features And Reviews

David Nelson’s Friday Night Rant looks at why Kratos from God Of War should pass from the gaming world with dignity. I agree, as much as it pains me to say it. Kratos’ time has come and gone and the “cliffhanger” ending to God Of War 3 did not satisfy me at all. I hoped that God Of War 3 would be the ultimate end to Kratos’ games series but since Ascension was released this year, we can expect the series to continuing.

Our Top 5 Tuesday this week focused on the most celeb voices in games and I think number one is absolutely the perfect choice. Do you agree? Check out the article here.

With Gamescom just finishing last week, Damien Lawardorn, Troy Hallin and myself take a look at the “fallout” from Gamescom and what we though of the event. Overall, I enjoyed but make sure you read the article to find out what I really thought. Our new writer, Peter, has the privilege to attend PAX this week and he delivers an article that hypes up the event for all the readers. Peter will have a lot of news when he returns from PAX and we can’t wait to hear from him again. And finally, review time! Eoin Harnett reviews Flashback and Connor Sears takes a look at Memoria. One looks very interesting and the other sounds very frustrating. You’ll have to read the reviews to find out which is which. Speaking of reviews, it seems Lachlan managed to find “The World’s First Beyond: Two Souls Review”. Check it out!

Personal Gaming Update

I’ve finished up on Spec Ops: The Line and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve never played a story like it before and I implore everyone to check it out. I decided to attempt to get A+ on Hotline Miami this week and for the most part, it’s going pretty well. Multiple restarts are a necessity but wearing the frog mask allows for a longer combo window and nothing is more satisfying than clearing all the rooms with a single combo. Brilliant.

I’m anticipating GTA V to no end but I’m also really excited to play the Jak and Daxter Trilogy this weel (thank you, Playstation Plus EU!). Here’s a surprise for you. I’ve never played a single game from that series but I know I’m in for a treat.


As September begins, get ready for a month full of news, reviews and some exciting rumours. As Grand Theft Auto releases in 18 days, expect a lot of GTA related articles to help hype you up for the game’s release. It’s gonna be a fun week.

Catch you guys next week and keep gaming.




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