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Skyrim – Hearthfire DLC to Hit XBL Next Week

Confirming last week’s leaked info about the upcoming Skyrim DLC, Bethesda has officially announced and dated the next batch of content for their time-devouring RPG epic.  Hearthfire will be available on Xbox Live on Sept 4th for 400 MS ($5).  As indicated in the aforementioned leak, the DLC will allow players to build their own homes.  However, there is a lot more to this expansion than just plopping a building down on the landscape.

Players will first have to purchase a plot of land before going about the task of designing the house from the ground up, using materials that they have collected.  Function-specific rooms such as an armory, trophy room, or alchemy lab can be built.  Additions can also be made outside the home with features including a garden or bee hive.  Not into micro-managing the construction of your homestead?  Then hire a steward to purchase materials and furnish your home for you.

If your home if feeling a bit empty, invite your spouse to live with you.  You can even fill your home with the pitter-patter of childrens’ feet with the game’s new adoption system.  With a family to care for, you’ll have to raise your children and defend your abode from giants and other Skyrim nasties.  With many players putting hundreds of hours into developing their very own Dragonborn, they’ll most likely want to give their hero a comfortable home to call his/her own.  Check out the video below for an introduction to Hearthfire:

As expected, there is no release date for the Hearthfire DLC on PC or PS3.  As per Bethesda’s agreement with Microsoft, it will be at least 30 days before it becomes available on either platform.  That’s a reasonable timeframe for the PC, but PS3 owners will likely wait longer, as they have yet to receive the previous Dawngaurd expansion.



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