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The Sniper Ghost Warrior series started in a bit of a critical slump, but has been on an upward trend since its inception. The slowly improving reception from both fans and critics alike stands as a sign that developer CI Games is more than willing to listen to any and all feedback from those who play its games. For the upcoming Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, those years of listening and fine-tuning could not be any more apparent.

CI Games senior level designer Daniel Sławiński sat down with OnlySP at E3 2019 to talk about some of the team’s ambitions, as well as where the team chose to keep its focus.

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OnlySP: How do you want players to feel when playing Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts? Do you want them to feel empowered or more like a ghost?

Sławiński: We want them to feel like a predator, but you can tailor your character to your needs. There are different play styles you can go with, so whether you want to go in loud with a .50 caliber rifle or if you want to go in like a ghost, it’s up to you. We just deliver you the tools. You have the mission to kill the target, we give you the tools, and solving the puzzle is the player action.

OnlySP: How is Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts different from past games then? I know you said that the past games were more open-world and this game is more of a sandbox, so would you say that is the primary difference?

Sławiński: After Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, we got a lot of feedback from the community. What going open-world meant for us was filling the world with a lot of different activities. We felt that it kind of diverted the whole experience away from that sniper experience. Instead of focusing on the essence of the sniping experience, we got diverted in different directions. In Contracts, we really wanted to capture that core feeling of being a sniper behind enemy lines.

OnlySP: Can bodies trigger mines after death if they were to roll down a hill?

Sławiński: Yeah it actually happened in a previous demo. The interesting thing is that you can play around with it. Even if the mine blows up, you know that the guys will come check the source of the explosion. You can divert movement to somewhere else and use that to your advantage. It is very physical.

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OnlySP: What do you think was the most important thing to focus on coming into this game’s development?

Sławiński: The two major points we focused on to improve were clear goals for the player, the sniping experience, and stealth. Though, I guess that’s three things.

OnlySP: Is there anything else you’d like players to know?

Sławiński: I can’t wait to see what kind of different styles of kills players will think about when playing the game. We tried to set up the area to be very open. We just set the target and release everything and it is interesting to watch how different people approach the same objective. We just give them the tools to allow them to do it differently.

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