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Sony Patent Suggest Backwards Compatible Hardware is Coming

Sony just filed a new patent that points to a backwards compatibility feature in an upcoming hardware release.

The patent was brought to light yesterday by and suggests some interesting ideas. Primarily, the patent proposes the idea that future PlayStation hardware would be able to play games from every generation of PlayStation.

Speculation and Microsoft’s backwards compatibility initiative have led many to believe Sony would at least move to make the PlayStation 5 compatible with PlayStation 4 software. The thought the console could potentially allow access to decades on PlayStation titles is something not many anticipated.

All of this said, patents are not something to place bets on, so take this pie-in-the-sky scenario with a grain of salt for now. After all, PlayStation does already have its own form of backwards compatibility with PlayStation Now. Read up on OnlySP’s Daniel Pereira’s thoughts on the matter of PlayStation Now here.

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