We are at that time of the year again as Infinity Ward and Activision are just about to roll out another entry in their Call of Duty Franchise.. Call of Duty: Ghosts will see us play the role of a special forces operative to fight a new and technologically advanced enemy in what will likely be an explosive campaign.

As always Call of Duty has some amazing voice acting and fantastic musical score. If the music in the trailer below is any indication, Call of Duty: Ghosts will have a really great soundtrack. The music in the story trailer is performed by Audiomachine, who specialize in epic musical scores with great cinematic ques.

Call of Duty: Ghosts will be hitting consoles next month, starting with current gen and the WiiU on November 5th, followed by the PS4 on the 15th and Xbox One on the 22nd.

Simon Squire
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  1. Have to say that this is probably one of my favorite songs of all time already.

    1. Yea I gotta admit it’s pretty awesome

  2. Love this track, but it is a trailer track. The OST is on Spotify btw, so you should check that out!

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