I usually hold off on writing impressions about a games until I write an actual review, but considering the wide range of scores that Spec Ops has been receiving, I decided to help out those of you that are on the fence about picking up the game or not.

As you may have read elsewhere, Spec Ops: The Line certainly has it’s ups and downs. I’ve played through about the first 3 chapters so far, and am only now getting hooked into the atmosphere and the characters. The beginning of the game starts off pretty abruptly and wastes no time throwing you into the action. But don’t worry; as soon as you get past the first hour or so of the game, it quickly turns into a tide of events that will keep you from putting the controller down. If you played the demo of the game and was left unimpressed, I advise you to take a gamble and try out Spec Ops: The Line.

One of the major points the developers wanted to focus on was the humanity involved in the wasteland that is near-future Dubai. I didn’t realize it until after the scene happened, but at one point I had a decision placed upon me to either shoot a fellow soldier, as he had his gun pointed right at me, or let him go. I won’t tell you what decision I made, but I can say I quickly regretted it. Choose wisely, fellow gamers. The game doesn’t let you know when these moral choice moments occur, so it’s completely up to you to make the decision. These aren’t cutscene either; they’re pure gameplay, with no click “A” to do this, or “B” to do that.

As my PC isn’t the best rig on the market, I started off running the game at Normal quality, but now I’ve upped it to Very High and somehow my computer is managing it with an OK framerate. There isn’t a huge difference graphically between any of the settings, with the exception of texture quality. The explosions in the game are sadly the worst I’ve seen in a while, but thankfully the weather effects like sandstorms and such look fantastic. Honestly though, don’t buy Spec Ops: The Line for graphical quality. So far, I would say definitely buy the game for it’s moral choice aspects and its story. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the choices I’ve had to make, and I think you will too.

That’s all I’m going to say about the game for now, as I’ve got more than half of the campaign to finish before I make final judgement, but if you can’t wait another day or so for me to finish the game and are looking to pick it up, all I can say is make sure you’re getting the game for the campaign and it’s story.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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