Special Skills Outlined for Ogre-Slaying Action Game, Extinction


Iron Galaxy has released a new video explaining some of the special skills available in the upcoming giant-slaying action game, Extinction.

Narrated by Executive Producer Derek Neal, the video delves into the ways that different skills are best used against different enemy types. For example, although certain armour types cannot be damaged by the protagonist’s Rune Strike attack, they are “friendly” to his grappling hook, allowing the player to move quickly from point to point on their bodies.

Fast movement is key within the game, as the protagonist, Avil, must first break the ogres’ armour before he is able to sever their limbs and ultimately kill them. However, different armour types have varied attributes, and special skills (such as slowing down time, altering Avil’s relationship to gravity, or being able to jump higher) will each be most beneficial in different situations. The video (embedded below) explains the skills and their appropriate situations in more depth:

Extinction was revealed earlier this year, and casts players as the last remnant of an ancient order who is tasked with protecting the rustic medieval society of the game’s setting against an invasion by 150-foot tall ogres and their minions. The game is in development at Iron Galaxy, one of the studio’s responsible for Microsoft’s recent Killer Instinct reboot, and is scheduled for release early next year on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

During E3, the developers released a seven-minute gameplay video, which can be viewed here.

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