Insomniac’s Spider-Man Older and Savvier Than MCU Version


Insomniac Games has teased more details about the Peter Parker included in the upcoming Spider-Man game, suggesting a very different take on the character than that found in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Taking to Twitter across the weekend, the company reiterated earlier hints that the Spider-Man in the game will be a veteran, having spent the last eight years taking on supervillains and protecting New York City from various threats. Furthermore, this version of the character will hew closely to the original comics, with Peter having designed and built both his suit and the various gadgets that he uses throughout this adventure. This tease suggests that the game may have role-playing elements, with players given a degree of control over upgrades, though that supposition is unconfirmed at present.

With the MCU reverting to a high-school Peter Parker who has his suit designed and built by Tony Stark, Insomniac is clearly aiming to distance its version of the character from the cinematic incarnation, which should make for an interesting contrast.

The team also revealed that Kingpin will be an early enemy in the game, with the Inner Demons faction shown in the E3 trailer moving into his territory after his defeat. Finally, Insomniac also revealed that the backstory of the E3’s trailer primary antagonist, Martin Li (alias Mister Negative), will reflect that of the original comics. In the game, Li is a philanthropist who runs a series of homeless shelters, with Peter’s Aunt May working at one of these and hinting at a personal connection between the hero and villain.

Spider-Man is expected to release in early 2018, exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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