Spider-Man PS4 Swings In With Release Date, New Details, and a New Trailer

E3 2017

Game Informer has released a heap of news regarding Insomniac Games’s newest title, Spider-Man, including a new trailer and release date.

Spider-Man will be launching on PlayStation 4 on September 7. The teaser features a fully-realised New York complete with combat footage and the first real look of the project’s swing mechanic. Spider-Man games hinge on their swinging mechanic, and, if this trailer is anything to go by, the title appears to be the most organic and spectacular interpretation of Spidey’s web-based traversal to date.

The combat, too, looks fast and fluid, with some inclusion of environmental weapons and props. In terms of art design, Insomniac appear to be borrowing heavily from the Spectacular Spider-Man universe, which certainly is not a bad idea.

In addition to Spider-Man’s vanilla suit, players will be able to unlock further costumes through gameplay. Three suits have been revealed so far, including Spider-Punk, a pre-order bonus; Noir, based off of Spider-Man 1933; and the Wrestler Suit. Game Informer noted that its representatives saw at least a dozen suits in the game menus, with many more to come. Creative Director Bryan Intihar was quick to mention that these suits can be unlocked via gameplay, as the developers will be including no microtransactions.

Unfortunately, most of the game’s details are only available in May’s issue of Game Informer, with some other information releasing sporadically on the outlet’s website. The issue contains a wealth of information regarding the project’s missions, side missions, open-world design, upgrade paths, crafting, and combat. Judging by the list of details, though, Insomniac is investing heavily in the RPG-lite mechanics for Spider-Man. 

The Game Informer cover art, designed by Alex Ross, as well as the trailer, are embedded below. More information can be found on Game Informer’s website.


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