Square Enix creates teaser site for upcoming game


Talk about a random encounter.

Square Enix has just put up a teaser site that hints at an upcoming game. It’s pretty barren, though there’s a countdown timer installed, implying a reveal in around 157 hours. You could probably play through an actual Final Fantasy game in that time! Not much is known so far about the actual game, though there is a cryptic message displayed when booting up the page that states “C is coming!”What does C stand for? Christ? Is this the second coming?!

Your guess is as good as mine. Check out the site below.

Michael Urban
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  1. I was really hoping for another game with Chrono in it! But based on that video, it doesn't seem to be so… tho the C could stand for that weird crystal thing…

  2. Maybe they're rebooting the Chrono series? Now that I think about it DarthPrince, that's probably what the C stands for. At least, that's my guess for now.

  3. Cinal Cantasy 7C
    cannot be anything else

    but i guess its something like some shitty DS game that no one ever heard of :/

    1.  HAHA! Could be either of those. Hopefully the former.

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