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Square Enix files trademark for “Deus Ex: Human Defiance”




Square Enix looks to be legally augmenting themselves, if you will. They’ve just filed a new trademark, one that hints the possibility of a new Deus Ex game or other form of media on the horizon.

The image below, provide by Neogaf user “miladesn,” indicated that the trademark was definitely filed by the publisher and was done so today:


All signs point to a sequel or prequel, most likely on next-gen consoles, that retains the thematic style of the most recent game in the series, 2011’s Human Revolution, due to similar use of the word “human” in the title. Then again, miladesn him/herself stated that it’s very possible this pertains to a Wii U port of the title that will sport extra content and such. Or perhaps this is for something else altogether. Nothing is certain now, and although we never asked for this, we’re excited nonetheless.

Could this be the title Eidos was advertising in May last year, which was searching for developers to work on a “well known and respected action/adventure title, with elements of choice and stealth within the gameplay”? The title “intend[ed] to really take advantage of the new platforms coming in the next two years to provide an experience with unparralled realism, depth and consequence for player action and choice.” and required the following staff:

  • Cinematics Director
  • Senior Gameplay Programmer
  • Lead Technical Developer
  • Level Artists
  • Technical Artist
  • Lead Artist
  • Lead Programmer
  • Senior Programmer

Hopefully, we’ll know more soon.

Now an occasional contributer, Michael Urban is the former Editor-in-Chief at OnlySP and has the nickname "Breadcrab" for reasons his therapist still doesn't understand. From the moment he first got hacked in Runescape, he's been uninterested in multiplayer games and has pursued the beauty of the single-player experience, especially in terms of story and creative design. His hobbies include reading, writing, singing in the shower, pretending to be productive, and providing info and feedback regarding the games industry. It is an industry, right? You can ask him a question or send him spam at Also, follow him on Twitter or the terrorists win. (@MichaelUrban1)


Ubisoft Discusses How Uplay Plus Will Improve Communication With Players



Ubisoft Uplay+

Ubisoft believes that its new subscription service Uplay Plus will help the publisher improve communication with players.

Alain Corre, the executive director of EMEA at Ubisoft, spoke to where he outlined the vision and strategy for the company’s new subscription service. He explained that Uplay Plus will help boost communication with players, and the feedback it receives will help improve Ubisoft’s games.

“The reason behind our subscription service… it gives more possibilities for our fans to play our games and we can talk to them. We can keep them in our worlds, we can discuss with them and—thanks to what they say and the way they behave—we can feed that back into our games development. When we are in control of that within our ecosystem, we feel it’s beneficial for our fans. That’s ultimately what we want to do; we want to have more contact with them, more interaction, listening more to what they want and improve based on what they say.”

Corre highlighted that Ubisoft will not solely focus its efforts on Uplay Plus; players will still be able to pick up any of the publishers games either physically or as digital downloads. He explained that the company’s strategy moving into a subscription service is to adapt with modern consumer tends of gamers.

“We are still keeping the traditional model whether they buy our games in a store or download them. It’s really a case of offering the possibilities. Consumers are evolving really fast, and we want to adapt to what they want and propose new things to them, as well as keep the other means of distribution.”

Furthermore Ubisoft revealed that Uplay Plus and all past and future games will be available on the Google Stadia. Ubisoft was an early vocal supporter of Google’s new console, especially as the upcoming console focuses solely on streaming games.

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