Star Fox on Wii U Will Have a Cockpit View, “Beautiful Cinematics” and More

In a new interview with iJustine, Shigeru Miyamoto, revealed some interesting new details about the upcoming Star Fox game for the Wii U.

According to Miyamoto, Star Fox will have some pretty significant gameplay changes for the franchise’s first entry on the Wii U. First off, the game will have a cockpit view that can be viewed via the Wii U Gamepad, which is a first for the series that’s entirely been in a third person view up until now. This view, according to Miyamoto, will be very useful in battles, but if you prefer to play the game in the traditional view you can.

Miyamoto explains below:

With Star Fox, we’re doing something very different. What we have on the gamepad screen is a cockpit view, and on the TV screen you’ve got a third person, more cinematic view. As you’re playing, what you’ll find is that you’ll spend your time looking back and forth between the two, and when you wanna see the really cool cinematic visuals as you’re playing, you’ll look up at the TV screen and when you want to get really serious about battling an enemy, you’ll look down at the cockpit view. It gives a lot of different perspectives and how you’re able to switch between the two and play while there’s beautiful cinematics going on the TV screen.

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In the interview, Miyamoto also hints at Amiibo support for other upcoming games like Zelda and Star Fox when iJustine brought up the prospect of them being used for other games.

We’ve seen next to nothing of Star Fox on the Wii U, but Miyamoto still expects the game to release before The Legend of Zelda this year. I’m sure we’ll see some new footage of the game soon, and if all goes to plan, Nintendo is on track to have a pretty great E3 this year with a strong lineup of titles. Nintendo fans have a lot to be excited about to say the least.

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