Star Renegades

Star Renegades’s Debut Trailer Brings a Splash of Colour to the Rogue-lite Genre

Star Renegades, a recently announced rogue-lite acquired by Sable publisher Raw Fury, has a colourful debut trailer complete with a few pastel surprises.

From the same development team as 2016’s Halycon 6, Star Renegades is a strategy rogue-lite with a gorgeous aesthetic and, judging by the teaser, a striking soundtrack. The most interesting aspects of the game, though, appears to be its approach to rogue-lite repetition.

Players assume the role of a group of rebels that are fighting against an omnipotent, tyrannical galactic empire. Each “run” of the game stars a generation of rebels, meaning if the player fails, the next group they control will be descendants from the members of the previous run.

Progenies are formed depending on the bonds and connections members of the player’s squad make. Whether these connections will alternate the stat bonuses and traits of their descendants is yet to be confirmed, but there will likely be some knock-on effect depending on the choice of bonds players cultivate.

By putting an inter-generational slant on the repetition of rogue-lites, Massive Fury Damage, Inc has imbued the most narratively challenging aspect of the subgenre with some weight.

Alongside the rinse and repeat gameplay loop of the game’s genre, Star Renegades also boasts a comprehensive RPG levelling system, complete with special skills, tactics, combos, synergies, and, most interestingly, “meta-unlocks.”

To diversify this gameplay loop a little more, the developer has introduced scaling difficulty; as the rebellion grows in power, so do the empire players are fighting. While this lack of a tangible sense of power gain may be troubling to some, its introduction will go a long way to increase the already impressive longevity of the rogue-lite subgenre.

For more on Star Renegades, be sure to check out the trailer below and Wishlist the game on Steam. For the most dedicate single-player news, follow OnlySP on on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

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