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Following the revelation earlier this week that Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will occupy the holiday slot usually reserved for Battlefield next year, DICE has confirmed a single-player campaign for the title.

The existence of a campaign was teased earlier this year, and Eurogamer, in a recent interview with DICE producer Paul Keslin, writes that it has now been “locked in” for Battlefront 2.

Keslin says that story elements introduced as part of the final two downloadable content packs for the first title in the rebooted series, “Death Star” and “Rogue One: Scarif”, are an indicator of the team’s ambition, although that was never intended as the post-launch addition of a full-fledged campaign. He does provide some clues as to the structure of the campaign, however, as he discusses the “identity” of DICE. As in the highly-acclaimed campaign of Battlefield 1, the developer will play to its strengths with Battlefront 2, with the multiplayer and single player offering a “coherent experience,” with both offering chaotic, open-ended action.

In order to ensure that the campaign is more than just a tacked-on mode to pacify critics of the original, DICE is working in conjunction with members from EA’s newly-formed Motive Studio. That team, which is also collaborating with Visceral Games on its highly-anticipated Star Wars action-adventure game, is headed by Jade Raymond, known primarily for her work as a producer on Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed. The experience that those members bring to the title could therefore be invaluable in ensuring a memorable experience for the player.

Despite confirmation and the provision of a few baseline details, the specifics of Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s campaign, including characters, settings, and timeframe, remain under wraps. Given the recent success of Battlefield 1, however, it may prove to be a much more enjoyable and engaging romp than those traditionally associated with first-person shooters.

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