With the Star Wars Celebration event being just over two weeks away now, EA and DICE have revealed when we’ll get our first look at Star Wars: Battlefront.

You may be wondering why we’re covering the game, so I’ll give you a brief explanation. As of right now, there’s no confirmation as to whether or not the game will include some sort of campaign mode. There have been hints via potentially leaked details regarding the game, but nothing concrete as of yet. As per our policy here at OnlySP, we’ll cover a game until we have a full confirmation that there is, or is not a single player campaign in the game.

So, with that said, the official reveal trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront will arrive on April 17th at 10:30AM PT, according to the EA Star Wars Blog. There have also been rumors that Visceral Games will tease their upcoming Star Wars game at the event as well, but nothing set in stone.

Attendees of the Star Wars Celebration will get to see the game in action behind closed doors, so if you’re going we’re immensely jealous of you.

Be sure to stay tuned to OnlySP for further coverage on Star Wars: Battlefront as the reveal inches ever closer.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. I may have to join the Dark side and go multi-player, if there is no campaign for this game.

  2. At this point I am just hoping we can still play all the multiplayer maps and modes with bots like we could in the first 2 games! Also hoping they bring back Galactic Conquest instead of a linear campaign!

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