Stoner Noir STONE Receives Free Demo on Steam

For those wanting to see what STONE is really like, now is the time to do so.

Developer Convict Games has released a free demo for STONE on Steam, allowing players to experience the opening three chapters of the game.

The game has also received its first update, Update 001, adding a new location called the “Record Shop”, where players can freely play the game’s soundtrack of licensed music. The update also adds a full-screen experience, alongside smaller fixes.

Convict Games expects news on Update 002 in the near future.

OnlySP’s Dominic Galeano spoke to Greg Louden of Convict Games in September about the literary influences behind the game, including The Big Lebowski and Post Office. OnlySP’s Ben Newman enjoyed his time with the game, stating that “STONE, and its protagonist, have a lot of heart, and that shines the most.”

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