Street Fighter Producer Consulting on Remember Me


Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono is helping to add some “punch” to Remember Me, acting as a consultant for Dontnod Entertainment’s upcoming cyberpunk action title.  The game uses a combo-based fighting system, as well as a variety of finishing moves, dodges, and unlockable special moves.  Considering the type of combat that will be taking place, Ono’s experience with Street Fighter, arguably gaming’s most popular fighting series, will be quite a benefit.  Capcom senior producer Mat Hart spoke to Eurogamer about Ono’s visits to the Dontnod studio in Paris:

“He’s my boss and he and I speak very regularly about the game, and he’s come out with me to Paris.  He knows the team and knows the game very well.  I always benefit from his wisdom when I’m chatting to him about how we’re progressing.

Hart also told Eurogamer that the publisher Capcom’s relationship with Dontnod is a “collaboration” rather than the “old-fashioned approach of being adversarial.”  This is obviously a key motivator behind the willingness to share talent.  He explained further:

“This is something Jean-Maxime [Moris, Dontnod Entertainment creative director and founding partner] and I have worked on very hard to ensure this is a collaboration.  When we saw the game way back last year, we instantly knew this had the DNA to support the Capcom brand and be a really strong part of our portfolio.  This is going to be a major franchise for us.

Remember Me was just announced last week at Gamescom, but it sounding more and more intriguing every time we hear about it.  We’ll be sure to keep you updated as we find out more about the game.  Stay tuned to OnlySP for more news and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-the-minute information.


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